Funky Mommy’s Peeling Oil Review

Here’s my review of Funky Mommy All Over Body Skin Lightening Peeling Oil

I got really intrigue with this product that I had to try it to see if it does really work. I’m not hoping for miracles but I’m curious to know if this product would actually deliver.

I followed the direction of applying it three times a day for 3 days,

First application went well, skin turn pink by the end of day, texture is a bit sticky but not uncomfortable.

Second day application: skin feels a little tingly, skin is warm to the touch and looks shiny. Chicken skin is no longer apparent, crossing my finger and praying “Oh God, please let the chicken skin go away permanently”. Quite sticky and a little comfortable and notice that I have been sweating more profusely even though I wasn’t exerting any effort (odd) but was advise to just dab not wipe using a cloth or paper towel and so I did. Sweating is a form of excreting toxic out of our body and it’s probably since I put the oil, it may have removed the clog on my pores hence the excessive sweating, that is just my theory. But it stopped eventually and no it doesn’t smell, Yay for me!

Third and final day: noticed skin has become very sticky and tight and edges is apparent of peeling. I got so excited and I did something that I don’t advise that you do. “I took a shower” oh Lord, i can’t do it anymore. Imagine not having to shower for a couple of days in the middle of Summer. You see, showering ahead of the allotted time preempts the curing of the skin, this means that the skin may peel but it’s raw. I will illustrate them to you by means of images taken right after the shower when stupid me started peeling it instead of letting it peel on its own so you’ll see what i mean. But I can honestly say that this oil does what it says, despite of steps I missed, it does ABSOLUTELY WORK!. However, right after the skin turned so pink and red at some parts. I was advised to apply the post peel cream that it came with and interchangeably use it with petroleum jelly (A&D or Vaseline would do) until the skin is completely healed.

End result: Very smooth underarms, Lighter skin definitely, dark lines are hardly visible . And the chicken skin, although some of it is till there, I was told the second treatment, granted I would follow the instruction to the T, that I will get the absolute results that i was aiming for. But for now I’m happy. And I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wish to have smoother and lighter armpits.