Eucalyptus-Lavender Shower Steamer

I’m into making and reselling bath bombs and when i was giving them away to our neighbors to test out prior to selling, i get synonymous answers ” I don’t take baths”. I live in the South, moved here more than a year ago and just realized that a lot of people here are less inclined to use their bath tubs. I don’t know why and I don’t ask.

Given that fact, I decided to make Shower Steamers, exactly for these type of people. They can’t say “I don’t take showers” then I’d be certain that either; they don’t like supporting small businesses or simply don’t like me. That sucks right, oh well that’s life.

Making Shower Steamer is not hard, it’s like making bath bombs less the skin loving oils and butters but high amount of Essential Oils (EO). So the price in the market would be almost the same as bath bombs sometimes higher because Essentail Oils are not cheap. Hopefully people who complain “why is it too much money for a small piece of shower steamer”, well that’s really the reason; high cost of essential oils and per shower steamer contains highly concentrated EO, unless of course e seller is using Fragrance Oils (FO).

Believe me when I say, if you want a more Spa like experience, opt for “only” essential oil shower steamers.

So here’s the ingredients I use for my batch.

1 1/2 cup baking soda
1/4 cup citric acid
1 tsp kaolin clay
2+tsp Essential Oil combined (Eucalyptus and Lavender)
pinch of lavender buds – for aesthetic and additional scent purposes only
witch hazel

Mix everything except for the citric acid, you can add it after you already mix/blend the oil. Quickly finish it up with the witch hazel. Don’t be afraid to get it wet otherwise your batch would be too dry and messy when its time to wrap and package them. The concept is still the same as bath bombs; you should be able to hold a clump and not break when you pass it from one hand to another. If it breaks then spray more witch hazel then quickly put them in the mold, pack it tightly to ensure a smooth and beautiful looking Shower Steamers. Smells so heavenly.

Shrink wrapped. TIP: shrink wrap it right away to avoid loss of scent. I managed to wrap mine within an hour, they are hard as a rock and ready to use.

Photo editing for web purposes

Photo image at my store

Direction to use:
Place it at the edge of the tub away from the stream but can be easily reached by sprinkle from the shower so to activate the aromatherapy oil vapors.  Enjoy!

How I use Funky Mommy’s Kojic Acid skin lightening soap

Funky Mommy Kojic Acid Soap

I can swear to you that this Kojic Skin lightening soap is probably the most effective soap that you could ever try IF you are not the sensitive type (sensitive skin). This soap smells like fresh oranges and makes my skin feel squeaky clean, love using it not just to whiten dark pigmentation on my legs and inner thighs but serves also as my maintenance for keeping my skin blemish free. You can take my word for it!

I use it twice a day to wash my face and neck and use it in my shower as well. To keep my skin looking fresh and bright. In the shower, I would use the kojic soap to soak in while I do the rest; shampooing, conditioning, scrubbing etc for a good 5 minutes or longer if I have plenty of time to kill. Then I would rinse off while massaging using a cloth or scrub, focusing more on areas such as inner thighs, butt, elbows, neck, toes and underarms. TIP, this suckers must be rinse off thoroughly or you will regret it. Try not to find out, just rinse the damn thing off THOROUGHLY, trust me on this, I have already sacrificed for your own sake. I don’t recommend soaking it on your face, just use it like your regular soap.

Kojic Soap
Funky Mommy Kojic Acid Soap

What I do is cut them in pieces, leave one on my sink and one in the shower and keep the rest in a ziplock bag to keep it from oxidizing. It’s 150g, pretty big compared to other Kojic soap I see  online, so 1 bar can last you for more than a month easy, well, it depends on how often and how much you use it. Another TIP: apply moisturizing lotion generously after every use. Kojic soaps are known to dry up skin for speedy exfoliation and shedding of dead skin cells to make way for lighter, whiter skin so replenishing it with a moisturizing and hydrating lotion is  MUST!

And if you are planning to stay outdoors, please do not forget to apply sunscreen/sunblock with SPF 40 or higher. And if it’s possible, DO NOT overexpose.  Regardless if you are wearing a sunblock. Otherwise, what’s the point of using a skin lightening soap or Funky Mommy Kojic Acid for that matter. You are just doing it all in vain.

Love your skin now, it will thank you for it! I bought this Kojic Acid soap here: LINK

Lighten Up Lip balm experience

Funky Mommy Lighten Up lip balm to lighten dark pigmented lips.

Lighten Up Lipbalm
Funky Mommy Lighten Up Lipbalm

This lip balm is my go to lip balm if I wanted to freshen my lips. Easy to apply texture, sweet scent of strawberries good enough to eat. After 2 weeks of using it 2-3 times/day, my lips is now looking rejuvenated, smooth with a healthy pinkish hue.

Darkening on the outer lip is slowly disappearing that I can now go out with no lipstick or lipgloss. That’s a big deal for me since I’m always talking to people and always on the go. It’s a total blessing and a great time saver.

Also, call me weird but I even use it on my cuticles when it tends to look chapped and dry. This one’s a keeper and I recommend this to anyone with dry, dark pigmented lips either from heavy smoking or simply genetics, either way this product should take care of those issues.

You can get this lip balm here: Lighten Up Lip balm

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Funky Mommy’s Peeling Oil Review

Here’s my review of Funky Mommy All Over Body Skin Lightening Peeling Oil

I got really intrigue with this product that I had to try it to see if it does really work. I’m not hoping for miracles but I’m curious to know if this product would actually deliver.

I followed the direction of applying it three times a day for 3 days,

First application went well, skin turn pink by the end of day, texture is a bit sticky but not uncomfortable.

Second day application: skin feels a little tingly, skin is warm to the touch and looks shiny. Chicken skin is no longer apparent, crossing my finger and praying “Oh God, please let the chicken skin go away permanently”. Quite sticky and a little comfortable and notice that I have been sweating more profusely even though I wasn’t exerting any effort (odd) but was advise to just dab not wipe using a cloth or paper towel and so I did. Sweating is a form of excreting toxic out of our body and it’s probably since I put the oil, it may have removed the clog on my pores hence the excessive sweating, that is just my theory. But it stopped eventually and no it doesn’t smell, Yay for me!

Third and final day: noticed skin has become very sticky and tight and edges is apparent of peeling. I got so excited and I did something that I don’t advise that you do. “I took a shower” oh Lord, i can’t do it anymore. Imagine not having to shower for a couple of days in the middle of Summer. You see, showering ahead of the allotted time preempts the curing of the skin, this means that the skin may peel but it’s raw. I will illustrate them to you by means of images taken right after the shower when stupid me started peeling it instead of letting it peel on its own so you’ll see what i mean. But I can honestly say that this oil does what it says, despite of steps I missed, it does ABSOLUTELY WORK!. However, right after the skin turned so pink and red at some parts. I was advised to apply the post peel cream that it came with and interchangeably use it with petroleum jelly (A&D or Vaseline would do) until the skin is completely healed.

End result: Very smooth underarms, Lighter skin definitely, dark lines are hardly visible . And the chicken skin, although some of it is till there, I was told the second treatment, granted I would follow the instruction to the T, that I will get the absolute results that i was aiming for. But for now I’m happy. And I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wish to have smoother and lighter armpits.